Trophy Extra Special Band

Trust in your talent! Compete for 10 million naira and a Brand new set of musical instruments in Season 3 of the Trophy Extra special band show.

No DNA Needed


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The Bandhitz – International Stout Festival

International Stout Festival featuring Bandhitz. Watch and enjoy Bandhitz performance at the Trophy Extra Special…
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Trophy Stout NoDNANeeded Originally Black

NoDNANeeded Originally Black is a movement to stir up the desire to forge your path…
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Trophy Extra Special Stout Now In A Can Featuring Made Kuti

Trophy Extra Special Stout takes a step further to delight stout lovers with the launch…
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for Trophy Extra Special Band Season 3?

By following the registration the below instructions;

  1. Fill out the registration form by logging on to
  2. Kindly check your email for confirmation after you have completed the registration
  3. Record & upload a video of your band performing your best medley of any songs and tag @trophystout & @mtvbasewest on all social media platforms using the hashtag #TrophyExtraSpecialBand.
  4. Wait to be contacted, to know if you make it to the auditions

Who is eligible to participate in Trophy Extra Special Band S3?

  • The show Trophy Extra Special Band is open to Nigerian citizens who are between 18-40 years old and have lived in Nigeria for 12 consecutive months prior to the date of registration and they must be in a group.

When does registration close?

  • Registration begins July __, 2022 and closes on July ___, 2022. Other key details will be made available via the website:

How will I Know If The #Trophyextraspecialband. Producers Have Reviewed My Audition Video?

We will do our best to find and review your Audition Video using the hashtag

#TrophyExtraSpecialBand, but, unfortunately, there is no guarantee we will find or review your Audition Video. If you have a question about whether we have found or reviewed your Audition Video, you should check to make sure you posted and used the hashtag properly. You can also post it to one of the other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter) during the time period.

How Should I Hashtag My Audition Video?

By using the official hashtag #TrophyExtraSpecialBand.

How Will I Find Out If I Am Selected?

If you are selected to move forward in the audition process or to participate in the competition, you will be contacted by a #TrophyExtraSpecialBand® producer via direct messaging or e-mail through the social media platform you used to post your Audition Video.

Am I Allowed To Hashtag A Pre-Existing Video?

Yes, you may use a pre-existing video for your Audition Video, as long as the pre-existing video meets our other requirements for an Audition Video.

Can I Audition Via Social Media With A Friend, My Band Or Back-Up?

You must perform with your Band in your Audition Video.

Can I Audition With Background Music Or Effects?

No. You may not perform with any backing track, and no vocal effects, reverb, Autotune, or other enhancements.

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